“After completing my training in traditional and modern methods of upholstery, I became accredited with the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers in 2010.  I am the only upholsterer in the local area that holds this certification.  The association are considered to provide the very highest standard of instruction in the industry.

I very quickly appreciated that traditional upholstery is a form of art. It is a creative craft that insists on patience, consideration, tenacity and competence. It is these skills that I pride myself on delivering with my work and as a result, I have particularly enjoyed working with fashion houses, cinemas, television and film.

I have studied the history of furniture and textiles. I use this experience to help my customers make the right upholstery choice for the needs of their furniture.

My aim is to provide my customers with an unexpected, marvellous, enduring piece of furniture.”

Sarah Whiffen – The Upholstery Artist